Broar Brothers: Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

By Laura Nesbitt, Athlete Contributor (

Introducing the Broar Brothers: Ewan, Jamie and Lachlan Maclean

It seemed a predestined moment when brothers Lachlan, Jamie and Ewan whose father Charlie MacLean works in Whisky became the youngest and fastest trio ever to row the 3000 mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

A Whatsapp message from Jamie confirmed that he had in fact signed them up for a race and so the challenge of fundraising and training began…

Charity Focus

Their chosen charities Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar were selected for very personal reasons and became a key motivation to keep them going during the toughest times. The privilege of being able to row, let alone row 3000m across the Atlantic with your brothers is a sport and experience that not many individuals get to share. Lachlan, Jamie and Ewan felt the work Children 1st , a Scottish charity, carried out for families in need of support during difficult times.

Their second charity Feedback Madagascar was chosen from a more grass roots approach as Lachlan traveled and experienced the day to day logistics of how Feedback Madagascar operate. Founder Jamie fundraises from Scotland and directly supports children’s physical and psychological growth on a short and long term approach addressing health and education with holistic means. 


A chance meeting with Chloe Lanthier at a promotional event led the Lachlan, Jamie and Ewan led to a training with endurance athlete and camp runner from Chamonix. 

A day of training with endurance athlete Chloe Lanthier challenged our current training and diet philosophy of eat more to gain more to eating a more plant based diet in order to keep us lean as possible. 

Ewan Maclean

The team took a different approach to the rowing and resting ratio with confirmation from Chloe that they could row on four hours sleep a day. They switched the standardised routine used by previous teams of two hours on and two hours off to two hours on and one hour off. 

The tried and tested method of warm porridge was a winner and a routine that reflected morning habitual comfort as well as nutrition. Three to four solid food rations a day kept their calorie intake topped up.

Training Q&A

How did you plan your training? 

We split the training into two areas. 

Gus Barton was our personal trainer who is renowned for his ‘Ocean Ready’ training course designed to prepare for the physicality’s or rowing 3000m over the Ocean. We trained in the gym five times a week lasting two hours per session. 

How were training sessions structured?

Small erg row to begin followed by foam rolling to iron out any muscle imbalances.  One of the most important things to factor into the training is simply not getting injured, which foam rolling, mobility and band words helps with. 

The we focused on the biggest muscle groups specific to the sport and worked on Deadlifts, Squats, Pull Ups & Rows. To finish we would complete a circuit moving through the energy zones and combining strength and cardio work out. 

How else have you prepared for the challenge? 

Our water work involved becoming familiar with the boat. The real test beyond the start line is adaptability. The success of the row was a result of the relationship we share as brothers and as a team but also how quickly we adapted to the situation at hand. 

Kit Q&A

What kit did you use for your adventure? 

We were lucky enough to be sponsored by Ortlieb, Musto and 100%, and put on a Pro Deal with Patagonia. Costs for kit are really high and the support from brands was crucial to get us to the start line. It was important that the brands we wore were also ethical, as huge fans of Patagonia we wore their shorts on the crossing. 

What was the kit criteria? 

Durable. Functional. Comfortable. It was essential kit lasted for the length of the row while being comfortable under the extremely high repetitions that come with rowing. 

Jamie Maclean

What was the best bit of kit? 

Our most worn piece of kit was the MPX GORE-TEX pro offshore smock which is engineered for the offshore sailor. This jacket kept us dry during the entire crossing. 

Relevant features to the row: 

  • Three layer construction of GORE-TEX for waterproof protection that’s also incredibly breathable to keep you comfortable in the worst weather. 
  • Darted sleeve construction ensuring exceptional articulation for complete freedom of movement. 
  • A hood which features an exceptional heat retentive grid fleece lined funnel and hood pod and a high innovative and protective adjustable spume. 

Did the kit meet your needs?

When the weather was against us things got really overwhelming so you need the kit to deliver so you can continue to say focused and perform. We did end up cutting the fabric on our shorts because they were designed for cycling and slightly too long for what we needed. However, the taped seams and material got us through the salt rubbing.  

How can sportswear companies help?

We really appreciate the support from Musto, Patagonia, Ortlieb and 100%. We have several adventures planned for the future – the main way that sportswear companies can be of help is to get in touch if they might be interested in partnering with us in the future.

The brothers are currently £60,000 from reaching their target. People who wish to support the cause can buy a miniature bottle of our Spillage whisky from Royal Mile whiskies (£25), all proceeds will to go to charity. Or, donate via the website.

GET INVOLVED | To support the cause, or discuss brand partnerships, contact the brothers directly via

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