Eurojersey – Technology and Performance Innovatively Combined.

Ruth Kelly

Mention  Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey to any designer or manufacturer in the sports, apparel, lingerie and swim industry, and they will instantly recognize the Italian style, creativity and quality of the world’s leading warp knitter. The Sensitive® Fabrics‘ range proves that technical performance, versatility and comfort do not have to come with any compromise on versatility, design or style.

Ssachs Magazine takes a look at the latest Sensitive®  Fabrics with  LYCRA® SPORT certification, enabling designers to make precise fabric identification and their iconic seamless technical garments made with Framis Italia NoSo®.

Photo Credit Eurojersey
Top and leggings in Sensitive® Fabrics certified LYCRA® SPORT Technology, with seamless construction and Dream Neon decorative motifs by Framis Italia.

Athletes are striving for zero distraction in their sportswear, but they also need more.  As well as freedom of movement, garments need to actively support the muscles during movement and afterwards. A designer traditionally uses a lot of trial and error to select the right fabric, that will provide the intended stretch support and compression in the garment. This is achieved not only via the fabric properties, but in combination with the appropriate silhouette, pattern and construction. 

Thermal comfort is also a large part of zero distraction. Fabrics need to be breathable and be able to manage sweat as the body moves through its workout.

 Sensitive® Fabrics sculpt the silhouette, provide adequate support and offer breathability, lightness and calibrated compression. They ensure perfect shape retention even after frequent washing and use, as well as being quick to dry.

But how is all of that achieved?

Using a unique manufacturing system that embeds the high elastane content, these warp knits have a super flat and smooth surface. The result is a beautiful surface that takes colour and print exceptionally well, resulting in rich colours and fine details. Lightness is another feature, without compromising on opacity.  This smooth surface and special construction also mean the fabrics are extremely versatile when it comes to secondary processes:

  • Embossing enables the creation of relief images and patterns directly on Sensitive® Fabrics’ surface through the application of heat and pressure. The fabric takes on a permanent three-dimensional effect without compromising its technical performance. 
  • Bonding the sandwiching of two Sensitive® Fabrics together, means seams can be eliminated, whilst still finishing and reinforcing raw edges.  Neckline thicknesses can be reduced, and the designer can offer   closer fit and enhanced support. 
  • Laser embellishment, both functional and decorative, offers an avant-garde look that is absolutely linear and uniform, thanks to the application of heat-welded tape with a body mapping effect on the surface of Sensitive® Fabrics, to ensure an extremely practical and comfortable fit. 

Technology and performance are innovatively combined.

Photo Credit Eurojersey
Top and leggings in Sensitive® Fabrics certified LYCRA® SPORT Technology with seamless construction, Dream Reflective decorative motifs and laser cuts by Framis Italia.

To help the designer in the precise identification of fabric suitable for the design and manufacturer of the sports garment in mind, Sensitive® Fabrics carry a detailed identikit of their advantages. This is via the LYCRA® SPORT Technology certification.

Based on the Power, Comfort and Energy (PCETM) system of patented indexes, certification measures the performance of each and every fabric as well as accurately defining its performing features.

Choices can now be made quantitatively with data, rather than subjectively.

EUROJERSEY chose Framis Italia as their partner for heat-welded taping technology, as they are the only company to have designed and developed a guaranteed and fully integrated system for joining, bonding and seamless heat-welding applications called NoSo®.  A synergy which combines high performing Sensitive® Fabrics with the heat-welding applications of NoSo® Bonding technology to create iconic garments of an elevated technological content, which are seamless and embellished with graphic designs and colours specifically designed for workout purposes. 

Having worked myself with Sensitive® Fabrics (and even helped in the creation of a few) I’m excited that designers have this exciting new tool to help with selection of the correct fabric from the collection. One of the great benefits I found in using Sensitive® Fabrics is the depth of varieties available. This makes it very easy when using fabrics together in the same garment or throughout the collection. The options for secondary processing and heat-welded taping technology are endless, and I look forward to seeing how these iconic workout pieces will inspire the next collection.

Photo Credit : Eurojersey
Top and leggings in Sensitive® Fabrics certified LYCRA® SPORT Technology with “crocodile” effect embossed inserts, seamless construction, decorative motifs and taping in Dream Metallic Black by Framis Italia.

Article by Ruth Kelly – Ssachs Magazine

EUROJERSEY – Founded in 1960, EUROJERSEY Spa epitomises the style and creativity of the Made in Italy cachet in the warp-knit fabrics’ industry, as interpreted by Sensitive® Fabrics, chosen by leading manufacturers of sportswear, apparel, lingerie and swimwear. The Company occupies a leading position on the international textile market thanks to an avant-garde plant designed by acclaimed architect Antonio Citterio which provides a unique example of efficiency and productivity. A surface area of 40,000 square metres, a team of 200 people and a single plant whose manufacturing cycle is entirely vertical, comprising knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing operations. EUROJERSEY has an annual manufacturing capacity of 11 million metres of fabric.