Introducing Melanie Hardy

Melanie has worked in the industry for over 25 years specialising in product development & sourcing for global brands across sport, lifestyle and fashion.

Diane Richardson

By Diane Richardson, Co-Founder, SSACHS

Diane and Melanie met back in 2004 at Nike and have enjoyed many industry chats over the years.  SSACHS recently invited Melanie to join their Advisory Board to support product development & sourcing for SSACHS Services and contribute her expertise and opinion to the magazine. We welcome Mel to the SSACHS family!

Intro by Melanie…

I’m a Product Development strategist and I have a passion for supporting the creative vision from concept through to market. It’s a juggling act to keep all the plates spinning to ensure concepts are fit for purpose, delivered on time and satisfying the business from a gross margin and costing perspective.

My journey in product development started in sport performance at Nike where I worked in the Nike Heritage Running department. Super structured with a lean, slick process combined with working with world class advanced manufacturers lead to an amazing experience and education which I would take with me throughout my career. I transitioned from the sportswear industry into fashion leading product development RTW collections and supporting fashion shows in New York, London and Paris.

First of all, there is no easy way to do this but we work hard to support the brand and its direction. Secondly, we satisfy the needs of the business by strong communication with supply chain partners, costing negotiations and a mindset of always delivering on time. Everyday in the critical path counts.

A fondness for sport and outerwear performance brands, I’ve learnt to flex my style, adapt to whatever resources are available. One common thread as a Product Developer through all brands is the attention to detail and building trust, quickly! 

My passion is to see brand collections succeed, commercially bringing creative vision to life.

Melanie Hardy, PD & Sourcing Strategist

With the ever changing landscape of the apparel industry, I have a particular interest in Circular fashion and sustainability, and digitalisation. As a Product Developer we too need to adapt to new methodologies and I will share more of these thoughts with you as I contribute to SSACHS.

To discuss product development services or contribute to SSACHS Magazine, please contact Melanie via