Life as a student, right now.

Diane Richardson

By Jess Prosser, 2nd Year Sportswear Design, Falmouth University

I am one of many students partaking in the 2020 Woolmark Challenge in collaboration with Helly Hansen. This competition is an opportunity for us to explore how we can develop alternative solutions to the use of synthetic and manmade fibres in sportswear and outdoor wear. We have been encouraged to explore Merino wool, with this fibre we can design and create products that are high performance and have a very low impact on the environment. 

I have chosen to explore incorporating merino wool in uniforms and apparel for the Sea Cadets.

The project is focusing on ocean Sailing and other boating activities. As we are situated in Falmouth this has given us access to rich sources of information. I have chosen to explore incorporating merino wool in uniforms and apparel for the Sea Cadets. Youth are a viable and vital force for the future, and I believe that introducing them to sustainable solutions and correctly educating them will have a positive impact on the world. I am a strong supporter of youth groups as I was a scout for over 10 years and experienced many things that I would not have been able to do if I was not part of this society.  

Now that the UK has entered lockdown and the university facilities are now unavailable which has affected everyone. We can no longer access the specialist equipment that would have been vital throughout the developments of our projects. Thankfully we have access to all the necessary information and our tutors are available for one to one feedback and the technicians are there if we have any questions. However, this is not how we learn, we are hands on, interactive and visual learners.  


We thank Jess for giving us an insight to her work in her 2nd year at Falmouth and of course, the challenges all students are currently faced with in light of COVID19. SSACHS Futures is a platform to celebrate our champions of tomorrow and we will keep in touch with Jess to hear how she progresses throughout her course and at some point we will ask our audience to support her as she takes the leap into the sportswear industry.

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