SATISFY: California is for Runners

Diane Richardson

By Diane Richardson, Playtime Editor (

The ideals of freedom and exploration have been central to the world’s romanticisation for California and the West Coast. The newest Satisfy drop is an ode to California, celebrating its influence, its diversity both in culture and terrain, and the people who actively contribute to its ever-developing allure.

The latest drop from Satisfy…

The stories of three individuals hailing from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Oakland run alongside and complement the Satisfy ethos, reimagining this space as the land of The High.

We have retained our classic Satisfy designs and silhouettes but allowed the central themes and sensations described by Ellis, Dillon and Hakim to guide and inspire the fabrics and colours.


The variety of terrain available to Californian runners described by Ellis and Dillon, along with their collegiate running backgrounds, have inspired the use of an ultra-breathable Coolmax™ fabric with retro aluminum ripstop side panels that comprises our new Short Distance 2.5″ shorts and the proprietary mesh used in the Death Valley Cross Country kit.

Photo credit: Satisfy | Ellis Newton

If you are from California and you’ve competed in high school track and field/cross country, then you know how difficult it is to be considered good. Because it’s such a populated state, Cali has a very competitive high school championship system under what is called CIF. From a young age we are trained pretty rigorously, trying to be the fastest athlete in your division, section, and eventually the state. Some of us continue running in college, as I competed at UC Berkeley for another four years. Where I’m going with this is that I was left with this persisting love to train once I finished as a competitive runner. I feel as though my journey isn’t over yet.

Ellis Newton
Photo credit: Satisfy | Ellis Newton
Photo credit: Satisfy | Ellis Newton

California is for runners because of the diversity of the environment. I can hop in the car, go to the Laguna mountains, then run again 4 hours later at the beach. If you like roads… they are here. If you like trails… they are here. If you like being miserable and like running in the desert…you got it!! 50 mins east towards AZ. And that’s JUST in San Diego. It’s also such a small world to the point where you run with someone once

Dillon Breen
Photo credit: Satisfy | Dillon Breen
Photo credit: Satisfy | Dillon Breen
Photo credit: Satisfy | Dillon Breen

Hakim’s spiritual journey is like the pulse of the collection, with every garment meticulously designed to equip runners with the ability to reach beyond the physical, using our lightweight French Justice™ fabric as liners in all the bottoms and a new Japanese soft over-washed organic cotton for the T-Shirts and Muscle Tees.

Hakim’s spiritual journey is like the pulse of the collection.

Photo credit: Satisfy | Hakim Tafari
Photo credit: Satisfy | Hakim Tafari

Running in California, especially in LA, has given me a sense of freedom, a sense of purpose. I feel like I’ve really developed my own sense of being through running in LA. You have to have a certain sense of strength, power and commitment and not be afraid to explore. I think that is one of the great things about running in LA as opposed to anywhere else—like running in Orlando or Austin or Omaha, or Guadalajara. Everywhere has a different running experience but for LA has taught me how to become a strong runner and has contributed to my mindfulness and awareness of the present moment each time my foot hits the pavement. I mean, you can get that anywhere you run but I think there’s something unique about the culture of LA…

Hakim Tafari
Photo credit: Satisfy | Hakim Tafari

Where we run becomes a space of self-discovery, growth, and realisation.

Similarly, what we choose to run in plays an under-appreciated yet integral role in the everyday ritual of pursuing these things. This collection bridges the gap between the where and the what, translating the words of Ellis, Dillon and Hakim into garments that celebrate and assimilate to their environments.

California is their space of their pursuits, where they chase The High. California is for Runners. California Is For Runners is dropping on August 11th on