SSACHS magazine has been created by a dynamic team of sportswear industry experts. Our aim is to bring the creative sports community together to drive intelligent ideas and inspired conversation. Content generated with a considered approach to our audience who share our passion for design. From established brands through to new arrivals in the marketplace, from mill and fibre producers to manufacturers, we provide a home for sports related businesses to connect with each other and introduce themselves to this targeted audience. SSACHS creates the inside story and opinion on the performance & activewear community from design to finish line.



As we unfurl, Ssachs provides the platform for the sportswear design community. We promote and amplify your messages, services and products, to the people who matter. We invite you to contribute to our first downloadable edition of 2020, launching 1st November 2020.

Employing the best imagery and thoughtful creative content, we are at the leading edge of sportswear design, working with the brands and services, who are also at the top of their game.

*Unfurling: what does this mean in sportswear design?

Undoing habits, unwrapping and rethinking our design processes. We have adapted our methods to accommodate the changing horizon of sportswear design. This can only be a good thing, let’s investigate why and how with SSACHS.

“We are unique in that, we are the ONLY sportswear design specific industry magazine for any brand wanting to get their message across to the people who matter.”


More than ever before we truly believe in championing this dynamic industry and what it creates. As industry leaders, our role is to bring this sportswear & active lifestyle creative community together and celebrate it. We are a ‘fashion’ of sorts but we are not fashion. We are proud of that. This industry brings highly skilled, technical and innovative performance apparel to people who demand and challenge our every move for their daily moves, whatever sport, discipline or activity they choose to do. Let us band together, fly the flag, and share stories with our audience. Let SSACHS be your platform to promote your talent.

In light of COVID-19, our November edition has been designed to be accessible to all. Review below and get in touch via and you will be put directly in touch with our team to manage your business account.



Book with us between 1st August to 10th October to receive a 20% discount on our upcoming November edition and next edition (January 21). Introduce your business via and we will direct you to the team.