The Gentlemen Tracksuit by Intern

Ruth Kelly

Intro from Ruth Kelly, Materials Editor,

We recently caught up with the guys at Intern to learn about everything they have been up to during their 2nd Round of their 30 day challenge. We’ve selected some of our favourite products from their creations, and first up is the Gentlemen Tracksuit made from Digidown fabric. We’ll let Intern take us through their journey in their own words:-

“Welcome to day 25/30 of the 30 day challenge! Today we were inspired by a movie we were watching together during our down time called The Gentlemen, and we were enamored by the wild out tracksuit uniforms that the Coach and his gang were wearing.

We thought to ourselves, why don’t we have team tracksuits? I mean we don’t really run track, but we are a team…

From Rocky Balboa to Beatrix Kiddo and now “Coach”, the tracksuit is one of those iconic hero pieces that has had its place for generations. We wanted to give it a quick INTERN once over.

Our starting point will be the preliminary design lines that we’ve developed through our research on fit. We’re going to start from the bottom up..ergo the pant. 

The Gentlemen
The design – Photo Credit Intern

One of the factories that we work really close with sent us pattern files that we’re using to build a garment system to go through in person during the 30 day challenge. This will come in handy in the next couple days, so stay tuned.

From there we’re going to make alterations to the pattern. For our tracksuit, we want to walk the line between something that can be worn for lounging or fisticuffs. This required us to build in a little more volume in certain areas. We’ll maintain our darting and design lines for the most part. 

We wanted to try and match that ethos in more of an INTERN sort of way, our focus is a little more geared towards the functional textile side of things, so we decided to add some “invisible flair”, by utilizing an innovative fabric: Digidown, introduced to us by Ssachs!

Digidown Fabric – Photo Credit Intern

Digidown is the first (if not one of the first) to utilize 3D printing to create laminated textiles with recycled down that is processed to create a hybrid textile – somewhere between your softshell and your cozy winter sweater.

Today we’ll be using a 360gsm variant which best resembled a tracksuit weight fabric.
The content is as follows: Top layer: 35.1% cotton, 54.4% polyester, 10.5% spandex. Middle layer: 95% Down 5% feather. Bottom layer: 70% polyester, 20% cupra fiber, 10% spandex

That’s a frankenstein of fibres right there…

Additionally we found that it’s a pretty forgiving textile to work with even though it’s got 4 way stretch, so bonus points to that.

For our trim, we’ll be using a “vintage white” softshell from Everest textiles. If only racing stripes made you run faster. 

Softshell Running Stripe – Photo Credit Intern
Cutting out the pieces – Photo Credit Intern
The Pattern – Photo Credit Intern

Cut out the pattern for the pant, we altered the fit to have a more relaxed look, but we’ll also be making some adjustments along the way. 

Our stretch woven is sewn onto our pant fabric to create our racing stripes, but also highlights the side seam construction that we’ve been playing with.

We’ve talked a little bit about using darts to build volume in bags, but they can also be used to change where fabric will sit when you’re just chilling out at home.

For longer seams, we use an overlock machine to accommodate for the stretch, while for something that narrows in, we’ll use a single needle machine.

Overlocking the seams – Photo Credit Intern

Because we’re doing a full suit, we’ll aggregate certain parts together. In this case we’re going to leave the waistband and hem  last for both garments for efficiency.

Now to move onto the top. Our pattern looks hella weird because it’s utilizing a couple large darts in order to build volume around the body. It’ll start to resemble a track jacket once it slowly comes together. The arm is split into three pieces, with one of those being a large gusset that connects to the front piece of the our pattern.

Quest complete! +2 to swagger.

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